The Tap Code

Today, more than 1,600 Americans remain unaccounted for from the Vietnam War.

We need to find them and Bring them HOME

Many years ago, I recall Captain Gerald Coffee addressing us at a VVA126 meeting.  He told us   about the years of silence that he and other American POWs endured during captivity in North  Vietnam.  Regardless, they communicated with each other by banging on their cell doors before they went to sleep. That code from this memorized matrix, always ended with:  Row 2 - Column 2,  Row 1 - Column 2,  and Row 1 - Column 1,  signifying G B A, “God Bless America”. 

Marty Edelman VVA 126


Click on Image for Tap Code Video

I have carried this in my wallet since I wrote it out at that presentation.

                                                Marty Edelman