This photo is from the late 1980’s. They are the founding old guys of Chapter 126.

Left to Right: Tom Fox, Mike Meritet, Bob Holcolm, (me) Phil Milio, Bruce McIness;

Tom’s Mom (Mrs. Fox), Mike Hudack’s wife, Mike Hudack, Tucker Smallwood, Eric Johnson.

Meritet - 1st Treasurer, Holcolm 1st President, Johnson 2nd President, have passed away.

Mrs. Fox passed about 2 years later and I have no idea what happened to Mike Hudack.

Veterans Day Parade in late 1980’s.

We used to March South on 5th Avenue.  It was very small compared to today.

On the left is Bill Hay. In the middle is Jim Hebron.  Veteran in Beret  is Tucker Smallwood.

Circa 1987 ???

L to R: Bill Fischer, Phil Milio, Vincent McGowan, Tucker Smallwood and Tom Fox.

We were guest speakers at The Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY.

The topic was Vietnam.

Mayor Ed Koch - The Borden Avenue Shelter became Veteran friendly .

From Chapter 126: Third from Left is Phil Milio (Dark Beard) … Left of US Flag is John Rowan to Right of flag is Erik Johnson skip one guy w/beard and there is Bernie Edelman. 

One of our annual softball games on the Great Lawn in Central Park in the late 80’s.


On the fence (L-R) is Eric Johnson*, Jaime Morrison*, Tom Fox

The African-American on the far left is Tucker Smallwood and the one in the center is VVA 126’s first President Bob Holcomb*.  The little guy in the middle front with the stash is Angel Almadina* (the Chapters namesake) and standing on his left (right in the picture) is Bill Hay. Directly behind Angel is Roger Sherwood a psychologist who wasn’t a vet but helped Angel out at the Vet Center on the Upper West Side and the fellow gesticulating in the foreground with the red bandana is Bruce McGinnis.


The two guys in the second row with their heads turned to their left (right in the pic) are (L-R) Arthur Hyams and Vince McGowan. The fellow with the gray Airborne t-shirt is Mike Schwartz, the guy with the white headband on the right was Bobby Bannister* and the large black guy on the far right is Glen Mann*. Bill Fisher* is right behind the woman between Bobby and Glen who was a nurse in Nam, but whose name escapes me.

Tom Fox

* known to have passed

This picture was taken by Laura Rosen an accomplished city photographer.

She traveled around the city photographing and was publishing her second book of photos. Our very good friend and chapter OG Sgt. Glen Mann, a Recon Marine (May He Rest in Peace), traveled with her as her body guard when the she photographed in neighborhoods that were sketchy.

The young guy in the center is Angel Almadina’s son surrounded by (L-R) Glen Mann, Tom Fox, Mike Kovalevich and Vince McGowan at the Manhattan Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial about 20 years ago.

2011 -  Harvey Bagg and Bill Nelson